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12th Annual Cedar Valley
Nonprofit Awards Luncheon

The UNI Nonprofit Leadership Alliance is now accepting nominations for our Awards Luncheon!  The luncheon will be held on April 6, 2016 from 12:00 PM to 1:30 PM at the UNI Commons Ballroom.  Applications will be due Tuesday, March 1st by either mailing them to the NLA office or emailing them to Kristina Kofoot at  For more information click here.

If you feel that someone deserves to be nominated under one of these categories, please click here.  The categories are:

Business Partner of the Year
What makes this business stand out?
What was their most significant contribution this year to a nonprofit?

Nonprofit Staff Leader of the Year
What makes this person stand out in the nonprofit sector?
What leadership qualities does this individual possess?

Nonprofit Board Member of the Year
What makes this board member stand out?
How has this individual contributed or influenced the organization?

Koob Award for Collaboration
Describe a collaboration with at least one other nonprofit organization and illustrate how this teamwork was successfull and unique.
Please name all collaborating partners, and a representative from each organization.

Gordon Mack Award for Student Leadership
Honoring a college or university student who had made a significant contribution to a local nonprofit.
What accomplishment did this student help the organization to achieve?

Legacy Award
Honoring a nonprofit employee or volunteer who has contributed at least 10 years of service to the same organization.
Describe a shining moment and contributions in this individual’s career.

New Nonprofit Employee of the Year
(Winner receives one year membership to the Cedar Valley
Nonprofit Association)
Honoring an individual in his/her first professional nonprofit position, having worked at the organization for two years or less.  Interns are also eligible.
How has this new employee excelled in their first nonprofit position?

Exceptional Nonprofit of the Year
(Winner receives $1000 Cash Prize sponsored by the Community Foundation of Northeast Iowa)
What were the nonprofit organization’s important outcomes in 2015?
How did the organization demonstrate best practices of nonprofit excellence in the last year?

Request for Interns

There are Nonprofit Leadership Alliance students graduating each year.  As student’s approach graduation, they are required to complete semester-long internships at a nonprofit organization within the community.  It you are interested in having a Nonprofit Leadership Alliance student intern at your nonprofit organization or are looking for potential employees, please contact Julianne Gassman.

Internship Manual:  Word format // PDF format

Mail:   Nonprofit Leadership Alliance
c/o Julianne Gassman
106 Hudson Road
Cedar Falls, IA 50614
Call:   Julianne Gassman (Nonprofit Leadership Alliance Campus Director)
(319) 273-2204