Spotlight on a Student: JD Waybill


  • Name: JD Waybill
  • Position: Associate Director
  • Year In School: Senior
  • Major: Leisure, Youth, & Human Services Major with an emphasis in Nonprofit Management
  • What Does Your Position Do: “I will be in charge of organizing our trip to AMI as well as the Annual Nonprofit Awards Luncheon in the Spring semester.”
  • Why Did You Get Involved with NLA: “I thought it was a great organization and I needed to take it for my CNP!”
  • Future Career Goals: “I want to work as the County Youth Coordinator in an Iowa State Extension and Outreach Office. I will be working with the Iowa 4-H Program.”
  • Fun Fact: “I flew in a plan for the first time when I went to Rome with the Panther Marching Band over New Years!”
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