Spotlight on a Student: McKenzie Greve



  • Name: McKenzie Greve
  • Position: Director of Information Management
  • Year In School: Senior
  • Major: Leisure, Youth, and Human Services
  • What Does Your Position Do: “Take notes at meetings, send out reminders about meetings and activities, update organization’s e-mail list serve each semester, update accountability report- spreadsheet pertaining to numerical data about the organization for the current year.”
  • Why Did You Get Involved with NLA: “I got involved with NLA, because I knew it would be good way for me to get my foot in the door with some Nonprofits and to get more involved in an organization on campus. I also knew that it would also look good on my resume, especially since I want a future in the nonprofit sector.”
  • Future Career Goals: “To work for a nonprofit that helps kids deal with illnesses”
  • Fun Fact: “I have a good frown”
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