Spotlight on a Student: Adri Kelly

  • IMG_0121.JPGName: Adri Kelly
  • Position: Director of Professional Development
  • Year In School: Junior
  • Major: Majors: Public Administration with an emphasis on economics and finance and Political Science, Minor: International Affairs
  • What Does Your Position Do: “Each month, my committee and I will put together a calendar of events that students can attend in order to help them create their Competency Development Plans at the end of the semester. Additionally, we will plan guest speakers, organize professional development workshops, and coordinate the Nonprofit Exploraganza in the spring semester. One thing that I plan to put extra emphasis on is connecting our members to our advisory board in order for everyone to be able to take advantage of such an awesome resource!”
  • Why Did You Get Involved with NLA: “I attended an informational meeting in the fall semester of sophomore year and joined for the fall semester!”
  • Future Career Goals: “I’m not sure what I want to do in the long term, however after graduation I would like to work on a presidential campaign in the 2020 election season. After that, I hope to join the Peace Corps.”
  • Fun Fact: “One time I was on the front page of The Northern Iowan in a full body Tigger costume.”
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