Spotlight on a Student: Abbey Cornett


Abbey Cornett_0719.JPG

  • Name: Abbey Cornett
  • Position: Director of Marketing
  • Year In School: Senior
  • Major: Public Relations with a minor in Journalism
  • What Does Your Position Do: “My job is to get NLA’s name out on campus and in the community. I oversee the Nonprofit Leadership Alliance brochure and packet, website, newsletter, WRC display case, and run all social media outlets!”
  • Why Did You Get Involved with NLA: “I got involved with NLA because I wanted to obtain my CNP. But once I got more involved with the organization I knew it was a great opportunity to connect with other nonprofit professionals and learn more about the nonprofit world while gaining real experience.”
  • Future Career Goals: “I would like to work within the marketing/communications department of a nonprofit organization focused on childhood illnesses.”
    Fun Fact: “I have never had a bloody nose!”

Spotlight on a Student: Brock Hefel



  • Name: Brock Hefel
  • Position: Director of Research
  • Year In School: Senior
  • Major: Political Science and Global Studies
  • What Does Your Position Do: “Organizes and coordinates NLA research projects and leads the research team.”
  • Why Did You Get Involved with NLA: “Not interested in going into the for-profit field”
  • Future Career Goals: “Gain a PhD and work in the field and ultimately become a professor.”
  • Fun Fact: “I have been to more countries than U.S. states, 12 and 10”

Spotlight on a Student: Adri Kelly

  • IMG_0121.JPGName: Adri Kelly
  • Position: Director of Professional Development
  • Year In School: Junior
  • Major: Majors: Public Administration with an emphasis on economics and finance and Political Science, Minor: International Affairs
  • What Does Your Position Do: “Each month, my committee and I will put together a calendar of events that students can attend in order to help them create their Competency Development Plans at the end of the semester. Additionally, we will plan guest speakers, organize professional development workshops, and coordinate the Nonprofit Exploraganza in the spring semester. One thing that I plan to put extra emphasis on is connecting our members to our advisory board in order for everyone to be able to take advantage of such an awesome resource!”
  • Why Did You Get Involved with NLA: “I attended an informational meeting in the fall semester of sophomore year and joined for the fall semester!”
  • Future Career Goals: “I’m not sure what I want to do in the long term, however after graduation I would like to work on a presidential campaign in the 2020 election season. After that, I hope to join the Peace Corps.”
  • Fun Fact: “One time I was on the front page of The Northern Iowan in a full body Tigger costume.”

Spotlight on a Student: Trevor Schmitt

  • Name: Trevor Schmitt
  • Position: Director of Community Service
  • Year In School: Senior
  • Major: Leisure, Youth, & Human Services
  • What Does Your Position Do: “The director of commScreen Shot 2017-08-16 at 8.56.48 AM.pngunity service oversees the selection of community partners for NLA’s spring service projects in order to benefit the Cedar Valley and offer experiential opportunities to NLA members.”
  • Why Did You Get Involved with NLA: “Pursuit of a CNP credential”
  • Future Career Goals: “I’d like to direct an overnight summer camp for youth somewhere in the midwest.”
  • Fun Fact: “Currently the Human Resources Intern at Prairie Lakes Church!”

Spotlight on a Student: Cristin Groetken


  • Name: Cristin Groetken
  • Position: Director of Membership Engagement
  • Year In School: Senior
  • Major: Leisure, Youth, & Human Services Major Management
  • What Does Your Position Do: “I recruit members for NLA and plan socials within our organization”
  • Why Did You Get Involved with NLA: “I got involved with NLA so that I could obtain my CNP!”
  • Future Career Goals: “To work full time at a summer camp :)”
  • Fun Fact: “I’m a vegetarian!”

Spotlight on a Student: McKenzie Greve



  • Name: McKenzie Greve
  • Position: Director of Information Management
  • Year In School: Senior
  • Major: Leisure, Youth, and Human Services
  • What Does Your Position Do: “Take notes at meetings, send out reminders about meetings and activities, update organization’s e-mail list serve each semester, update accountability report- spreadsheet pertaining to numerical data about the organization for the current year.”
  • Why Did You Get Involved with NLA: “I got involved with NLA, because I knew it would be good way for me to get my foot in the door with some Nonprofits and to get more involved in an organization on campus. I also knew that it would also look good on my resume, especially since I want a future in the nonprofit sector.”
  • Future Career Goals: “To work for a nonprofit that helps kids deal with illnesses”
  • Fun Fact: “I have a good frown”

Spotlight on a Student: JD Waybill


  • Name: JD Waybill
  • Position: Associate Director
  • Year In School: Senior
  • Major: Leisure, Youth, & Human Services Major with an emphasis in Nonprofit Management
  • What Does Your Position Do: “I will be in charge of organizing our trip to AMI as well as the Annual Nonprofit Awards Luncheon in the Spring semester.”
  • Why Did You Get Involved with NLA: “I thought it was a great organization and I needed to take it for my CNP!”
  • Future Career Goals: “I want to work as the County Youth Coordinator in an Iowa State Extension and Outreach Office. I will be working with the Iowa 4-H Program.”
  • Fun Fact: “I flew in a plan for the first time when I went to Rome with the Panther Marching Band over New Years!”

Spotlight on a Student: Anne Langebartels


IMG_2050 (1)

  • Name: Anne Langebartels
  • Position: Director of Finance
  • Year In School: Senior
  • Major: Interactive Digital Studies with a Minor in History
  • What Does Your Position Do: “I manage our financial accounts and keep our records in order!”
  • Why Did You Get Involved with NLA: “I am working to complete my CNP and NLA has helped me so much in getting connected with area nonprofits and learning how they operate. It also helps you build lasting friendships!”
  • Future Career Goals: “I would like to use my graphic design skills in a non-profit setting, so wherever that would take me.”
  • Fun Fact: “I really enjoy traveling cross-country on trains!”

Spotlight on a Student: Maddie Christensen


  • Name: Maddie Christensen
  • Position: Executive Director
  • Year In School: Senior
  • Major: Leisure, Youth, & Human Services Major with an emphasis in Nonprofit Management
  • What Does Your Position Do: “I assist and guide members of the leadership team with whatever they need help with. I get to lead our meetings, which is my favorite part. Also, I get to be the spokesperson outside of class to promote our members to those who might not know what we do.”
  • Why Did You Get Involved with NLA: “After changing my major, I decided I wanted to work in nonprofits. Through talking to my advisor, I decided NLA would help me grow as a young professional in this sector. This organization really prepares your for a career working with nonprofit organizations!”
  • Future Career Goals: “My goal after graduation is to do homeless ministry or to do work with food insecure populations by trying to close the meal gap. I also have a passion for doing youth programming and implementation, so I would be happy to work in a program for at-risk youth. Basically, I have a lot of wonderful options, which is what makes this a difficult decision for me!”
  • Fun Fact: “In Junior High, I played bass in a band for a performance, and then my brother kicked me out. We played Walk This Way by Run-DMC, and it was the best day of my life.”