Getting Certified

Through the Nonprofit Leadership Alliance, students are able to obtain a nationally recognized certification in Nonprofit Leadership.  This certification is the only national nonprofit management and leadership credential developed with, and recognized by, the nonprofit sector.  To earn the Certified Nonprofit Professional (CNP) designation, students must fulfill a few requirements:

1.  Complete the Required Course Work

  • LYHS 2335 – Principles of Nonprofits and Youth Agencies
  • LYHS 3050 – Management of Leisure, Youth, and Human Services (non-LYHS major, prerequisites not required)
  • LYHS 3337 – Human Resource Development for Nonprofit and Youth Agencies
  • LYHS 4055 – Financial Resource Management
  • LYHS 4095 – Internship – 8 hour minimum
  • LYHS 3183 – Professional Leadership Practicum (student association, taken first)
  • LYHS 4339 – Nonprofit Leadership Practicum (student association, taken second)

2.  Complete an Internship

  • As mentioned in the required course work, students must complete an 8 credit hour (300 work-time hour) internship at a nonprofit organization.  This gives students hands on experience with working in the nonprofit sector, as well as giving them the first-hand expertise to help them succeed after graduation.

3.  Get involved in the Student Organization!
     (LYHS 3183/4339)

  • Students must be actively involved in the Nonprofit Leadership Alliance student organization, which is usually done by taking the LYHS 4339 course – Nonprofit Leadership Practicum.  This course is the meeting time for the student organization, which allows students to receive 2 credit hours per semester while taking part in the Nonprofit Leadership Alliance student organization.  The course is repeatable, though only a maximum of 4 credit hours may be applied toward a major.

4.  Attend AMI, the Alliance Management/Leadership Institute.                           (A facilitated activity of the student organization LYHS 3183/4339) 

  • AMI is an annual, national conference held by the Nonprofit Leadership Alliance, and it takes place in a different city each year.   Students attend at least one conference while earning their certification.

5.  Graduate

  • Students must obtain their Baccalaureate Degree before earning their certification, so the CNP certificate is often awarded separately as part of a students graduating honors.

After finishing these requirements and after final approval by the campus director of the Nonprofit Leadership Alliance, you will have earned the designation of Certified Nonprofit Professional!